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Contact your local dealership for models available in Mauritius. Port-Louis is home to our Audi display showroom. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We dedicated ourselves into representing, promoting, selling and till now, we are proud that the company sold over seven thousand new vehicles with numerous satisfied customers.

And sinceAllied Motors is the sole importer and representative of the Audi and SEAT brands in Mauritius and we do continue to commit ourselves to thrive in the automotive sector. Inwe opened a new display showroom location in Port-Louis, Audi Laflor. Allied Motors reserves the right to change the terms and conditions to its website at any time at its sole discretion.

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About Us Who are we?If you have any questions about our products and services, service units or any of our banking solutions, please fill in the form below. We will get in touch with you soon. As one of the leading banks in Mauritius, SBM Bank Mauritius Ltd Board of Directors comprises a team of high-calibre profiles who are responsible for the strategic direction of the bank and its long-term success locally.

His career spans over 45 years in serving Mauritius and Africa in leadership positions. He served as Ag. He has devoted a large part of his career to supporting and guiding education and upliftment initiatives in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

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Holder of a B. He has also been appointed as Legal Adviser for various parastatal bodies and management companies. Ltd — a pioneer in the local automotive sector operating since and part of the Leal Group of Companies, one of the leading conglomerates in Mauritius. Ltd, the holding Company of the Group. Mr Ranapartab Tacouri has a long and eminent career spanning over 50 years in both the academic and financial sectors.

He has held directorship positions on several Boards including Bourse Africa and the Bank of Mauritius. Mr Parvataneni Venkateswara Rao is an experienced banking professional with 36 years of working experience in the industry.

Mr Rajcoomar Rampertab, C. He lectured in Law and Sociology in the UK for a number of years. He practiced as an immigration lawyer in the UK for several years. He also worked as a civil servant and a local government officer before being elected as a Conservative Party local councillor for the Borough of Reigate and Banstead, Surrey, UK from to where he was a member of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and also represented the Council on the Reigate and Banstead Sports Council.

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philip ah chuen

Service Request. I would like to settle my credit card bill by:. Account No. Please debit my account in. Other Name. Business Registration Number. Email Address. Phone Number. Description of the request. What code is in the image?This year marks the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius. Many people have been associated with independence and nation-building. They have made significant contribution in the development of the country and the society.

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A nation is built by its people. Its culture is determined by ideas, thoughts, local folklore, arts, music and literature. To mark this event, I have compiled a list of Mauritians of influence since Some were born before independence and have left their mark on the country; others are still engaged.

My list is a cross-section of individuals, whom I believe are nation-builders and role models.

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Those who are no longer around are historical legends. I have had the opportunity to meet some of these legends and I treasure their thoughts and commitment. In some ways, I am paying a tribute to our nation-builders. My intention is not to exclude anyone, but to chronicle the few whose actions have led the country where it is today.

In the next few days, these local folks will be introduced and remembered. A variety of sources were consulted to put together the summaries that follow below. The son of a shop-keeper, he turned out to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Mauritius.

Jean was an active person, he gave his time to the community and worked with several associations. At the age of 31, he became the youngest president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. He was the co-founder of the Chinese Daily News.

Philip Ah Chuen

Inhe was asked by the British Colonial Government to sit as a member of the Legislative Assembly as a representative of the Chinese community. Jean Ah-Chuen played a key role in the industrialisation of the country after independence.

philip ah chuen

He was instrumental in establishing the Mauritius Export Processing Zone. Through his connections the first investors from Taiwan and Hong Kong came to Mauritius to set up textiles operations which helped to reduce unemployment in the country. He passed away in Octoberand left a legacy. He was born on 19 December in Port-Louis, the son of a shop-keeper. Philip knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, although he started his career in teaching at the University of Mauritius. His days with the ABC Group were critical.

He had a flair for business. He was instrumental in getting the Nissan dealership for ABC. He eventually set up his own business and now manages Allied Motors and the Audi dealership.

As a committed Rotarian, for him it is service to others. MFR runs several schools for the deprived and underprivileged. Philip essentially gives youngsters and the drop-outs a second chance to become responsible citizens earning a living. He was Prime Minister from toand has been the Leader of the Opposition on several occasions. He has also served as the Deputy Prime Minister on two occasions.Inhe moved to the Financial Services Commission where he was officer-in-charge of the insurance supervision department.

philip ah chuen

He holds a M. He also holds a D. He is equally involved with the African initiatives of the group. S University of Baroda, Gujrat, India. He is also a fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors. He is a founder and director of Intercontinental Trust, a leading Management Company duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission.

philip ah chuen

Tommy has been professionally involved in the financial services sector for over a two decades and has witnessed first-hand the development of this sector over the years. Tommy is also the director of Capital Market Brokers Ltd which is licensed to operate as an Investment dealer. He reckons more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and has spent the last 15 years in the Capital Markets and Securities sectors in a senior management role. He also sits as Director on a few private companies involved in the capital markets industry.

He is an ICT and Marketing professional with more than 18 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Marketing industry. He started his career in and quickly rose to be the Marketing and Customer Service Manager in a well-established Mauritian telecom company. He got the opportunity to undergo specific training in world renowned international telecommunications companies based in UK, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

Inhe started his own business, specialised in marketing and telecommunications services. About Us. Board of Directors.The Sir Jean Etienne Moillin Ah-Chuen Foundation, named after the founder, was created in in the spirit of regrouping and reinforcing all the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR activities of the conglomerate whilst perpetuating the values and lifetime contribution of the founder. The Foundation also collaborates with NGOs whose activities include the development of vulnerable children through education, art and culture.

ABC Group shares the values that are important for athletes and sportsmen, namely surpassing oneself, team spirit and commitment. One of the main aspects of this funding is to support young talent in the pursuit of their dreams at a higher level, demonstrated by the sponsorship of qualified athletes. The Foundation sponsored the National Team in the Indian Ocean Games that took place in Reunion Island, and was the main sponsor of the National Inter-colleges football tournament.

The Foundation is committed to the protection and conservation of the fauna and flora of Mauritius. Moreover, all corporate publications are printed on FSC-certified paper — which is made in an environment- friendly manner, in response to concerns about deforestation. It sponsors many NGOs to help disadvantaged localities overcome their difficulties and regain empowerment, which results in a better living environment for vulnerable children and adults. Every year, the Foundation organises, with the help and generous contribution of staff members, the distribution of Christmas gifts to underprivileged children coming from suburbs of Port Louis.

Founder Foundation Memorial. The Foundation promotes the expansion of various sporting activities throughout the island.History records the achievements of individuals and put on them on the road to posterity. But there are individuals who have transformed societies by their actions, yet they remain unknown. A great Mauritian passed away on 6 January Her name was Madeleine Rose Leung Shing.

Who was she? She passed away at the age of 93, after a series of hip operations. She was one of her kind, a colourful woman, a humanitarian and a woman of substance. She was the matriarch of the Ah-Chuen and Leung Shing families and left a legacy behind. Her father and mother opened a shop in the Mount, near Pamplemousses, where Madeleine Rose grew up, like many young Mauritian girls of that time.

She inherited values from her parents which made her an exceptional person. Through hard work and determination, she became a teacher, and made sure that her children Emmanuel, Georges, Therese, Noel and Louis, received the best education. Auntie Tse Yin believed that education was the key for economic success and individual growth.

In her presence the children could not speak Kreol, such was her determination to impart her heritage to the new generation. Auntie Tse Yin could be described as a social revolutionary, a feminist and a leader.

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She was a person of action and believed in service to the community. Her actions made her a great humanitarian. She single-handedly organized fund-raising activities to support the fight against the Japanese invasions during the Second World War.

Her involvement with the Red Cross showed her true humanitarian qualities. She was a visionary, a natural leader and accompanied her husband to Buckingham Palace to receive the C. It was a proud moment for the family. She could have been a successful politician herself, but she chose to serve the people through her community activities.

Auntie Tse Yin was humble and her humility was a true sign of leadership.

Mauritians of influence since 1968

In the Chinese community Auntie Tse Yin was revered and respected. People from all walks of life sought her advice and guidance.ABCPS provides assistance and information on governance and corporate administration issues.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Board procedures are followed and that applicable laws and regulations are complied with. It also has the primary responsibility for guiding the Board with regard to their duties and responsibilities.

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ABCPS is also responsible for taking accurate and precise Board minutes which are then submitted for approval at the next meeting. The Company Secretary also acts as Secretary to all committees and the minutes of all committee meetings are tabled at Board meetings for the Board to take note of the deliberations and recommendations formulated by such committees. ABCPS is also the primary channel of communication between the Company and its shareholders as well as the regulatory bodies.

She is also a member of the MIoD. Alternate directors Mr.

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David Brian Ah-Chuen acts as alternate director to Mr. Raymond Ah-Chuen Mr. Valerie Ah-Chuen acts as alternate director to Mr. Vincent Ah-Chuen. Home Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance. K Non-Executive Director Mr.